Outsource your departmental functions to Soaring.  We’ll sit down with you and identify how outsourcing with us can save you money and increase operational productivity.

We currently offer outsourcing for departmental functions of Accounts Payable and Asset Management.  By outsourcing such functions, this allows customers to focus on their core business while we maintain such operational duties.  As companies look to maximize productivity with increasingly limited staff due to cost cuts, outsourcing has become a very attractive alternative because of its tremendous value.

So what makes outsourcing such functions with Soaring a tremendous value?

Not only do you receive the operational relief from running those departments, but it also includes production support for that departmental area.  You get the departmental functions outsourced as well as receiving free functional support.  With Asset Management, you also receive free quarterly AMplans.


• Your invoices are redirected to our central processing center.
• Invoices are entered the day that they are received.
• We process daily paycycles and pay your vendors based on established vendor and corporate terms.
• We generate daily reports and distribute based on activity.
• We scan and forward all invoices that were received and entered.
• Upon request, we forward to you copies of all checks that were generated.
• We provide functional support for any issues that arise.
• We process 1099 withholding reports.


• We work with our customers to establish a proper bar coding system.
• We receive receiving reports for your assets.
• We enter your assets manually if they are not automatically sourced by AP or Purchasing.
• We enter asset adjustments.
• We run, schedule, and monitor results from all asset processes to ensure they completed successfully.
• We generate daily reports and distribute based on activity.
• We provide functional support for any issues that arise.
• We provide quarterly AMplans.

We plan on expanding our service offering beyond Accounts Payable and Asset Management functions, but these are the two areas that we have received the most requests for deployment.  If your organization has a need to outsource additional functions, we would take an assessment and determine what would be required to provide a solution.

Contact us today to determine if one of our outsourcing solutions is right for your organization – REQUEST SOARING.