Are you looking for a cost effective way to continue to offer great support for your users while providing them with possibly more knowledgeable resources?  If so, remote support from Soaring may be your solution.

Remote support offers many benefits for our customers as it reduces the physical resource footprint within your facilities as well as providing pricing discounts.  Soaring offers remote support in three different ways based on the needs of our customers.  You pick the solution that works best for you.

We have found that it’s not always necessary for support staff to be housed at our client site.  If you have a functional or technical resource shortage in your organization, we can fill that hole with one of our experienced resources. This resource could work remote reducing the commuting costs and often at an additional discount for being remote.

Let us provide the expertise needed to resolve all functional and technical issues that arise.  By using Soaring for all of your production support needs, you focus on your operations while we take care of the system based issues.

Utilize our issueresolved product to resolve issues on a per issue basis.  If you have chosen to handle support in house and have certain issues that may be beyond the functional or technical scope of your current resources, sign up for a per issue plan with us.

Our resources are an extension of your organization and will represent your organization in the highest manner when working with your users.  Our goal is to resolve user issues quickly according to established SLAs and to help build a resolution knowledgebase for your internal staff to reference.

Contact us today to determine how our remote solutions can help your organization – REQUEST SOARING.