The Asset Maintenance Plan (AMplan) is a product that we provide to our customers who have implemented Oracle-PeopleSoft Asset Management. We offer various levels to the AMplan which gives customers a clear picture of their AM system.

On many of our engagements, we have found that customers are not using the AM system as designed, or they do not have a full grasp of the state of their assets.  We have also seen situations where day to day system processing has caused issues with assets and table data continuity.  This results in assets that are not tracked correctly within the system causing errors in financial reporting and system maintenance.  The level of errors in financial reporting can be substantial as you can be understating or overstating assets by thousands of dollars.

The AMplan gets customers back on their feet so that they have a true picture of their asset management system so they can determine if their are issues with their current business process design, functional setup, or possible training needs.

The AMplan was designed to provide customers with long term cost savings that derive from incorrect financial reporting.

AMplan Options

We provide an AM picture to you each quarter.  The date would be based on when you close your books for the month that ends the quarter.  A yearly contract is required.

We provide an AM picture to you based on an AS OF date that you determine.  A yearly contract is not required as this is a one time service.

We advise many of our customers to at the very least agree to our initial AMplan.  Most customers do not realize the level to which the data of their asset system is not being maintained correctly.