As a society, we can look at what happens outside of our worlds as spectators or as active participants. Soaring has chosen to be active participants in the community via active engagements or sponsorships. We invite you to become involved in some of these works as they serve an integral purpose in the development of our youth.

League participant
There’s nothing better than little league baseball and what it does to teach our youth the core values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Let’s support Smyrna Little League in every way possible to help it continue to thrive and provide life long memories.

League participant
Soaring executives have been involved with actively coaching teams for the Smyrna Basketball Association and we look forward to continuing to do so into the future. This organization has grown year after year. What excites Soaring to work with the league is the commitment to education that the league instills upon the league participants. Our young boys and girls are actively involved in sports, but the league has made a point to recognize and award players for their commitment to excellence in the classrooms while having fun playing basketball.